Well Seal

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Well Seals

For Sealing the top of a well casing in installations in which a Pitless Adapter is not used and the drop pipe is to come straight out of the top of the well casing.

Models are listed by Casing Diameter and Drop Pipe Size. Single Drop Pipe or Dual Drop Pipe.

Single(Submersible and Single Line Shallow Well Jet Pump Applications):
Ex. 3x1 is for a 3" ID Well Casing and a Single 1" Pipe Opening. Note: Single Models also have two taps for wire and a vent.

Double(Two Line Deep Well Jet Pump or Dual Stacked Submersible Pumps Applications):
Ex. 4x11/4x11/4 is for a 4" ID Well Casing and a Two 1-1/4" Pipe Openings. Note: Dual Models only have a single tap.

Application: Water Well