Grundfos 3" SQE Complete Kits

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Grundfos SQE Complete Kit

 Provides Constant Pressure with use of CU301 and Transducer Kit (Included)
 Designed for Use in 3" or larger Well Casings

Kit Includes:

1- SQE Series Pump
1- CU301 Control Box w/ Transducer (Version 7)
1- 2 Gallon Pressure Tank Model PJR6
1- Bonus Wire Splice Kit
1- Free Technical Support Direct from us. Need help sizing the pump, list of necessary or optional accessories, troubleshooting problems or warranty. We are here to help.

SQE Sizing Guide


Features and benefits
  • dry-running protection
  • high pump and motor efficiency
  • wear resistance
  • protection against upthrust
  • soft start
  • overvoltage and undervoltage protection
  • overload protection
  • overtemperature protection
  • constant pressure capability


Permanent magnet motor

A series of unique features make the SQ series very easy to install and operate, and ensure a reliable water supply at all times. Thanks to its’ high-speed permanent magnet motor, it offers a very high performance in relation to its compact 3 inch design. The motor enables the SQ to pump water from a borehole to a depth of 238 metres.