Torque Arrestor, Torque Stop

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Torque Arrestor
For Submersible Pumps
Made In USA

Protects pump, wire and drop pipe from rubbing against casing each time the pump starts.

  • Includes 2 IDEAL All Stainless Clamps

  • Fits 4" - 8" Well Casings

  • Fits 1" or 1-1/4" Drop Pipe

  • Molded PVC

  • All Parts are Lead Free


Tighten clamp on torque arrestor onto pipe 1 foot above outlet of pump. Push down on top of torque arrestor to balloon it outward to fit tight into casing and tighten other clamp. You should feel some resistance of the torque arrestor rubbing against the casing when you install the pump. If the torque arrestor isn't tight against the casing it won't work effectively.



Application: Water Well