2 Gallon PJR6 Flexcon Jet-Rite2 Water Well Pressure Storage Tank


Flexcon Jet-Rite2 Model PJR6 2.1 Gallon Pressure Tank

5 Year Factory Limited Warranty

Acts as a buffer tank in constant pressure applications but can also be used in irrigation applications, booster systems, shallow jet pumps and centrifugal pump configurations.

Pre-charged to 28 PSI


1 - New In Original Box PJR6 2.1 Gallon Pressure Tank

Model:  Jet-Rite2 PJR6

Tank Material: 16 gauge solid steel

Type: Diaphragm


Capacity: 2.1 Gallons

Height: 12"

Diameter: 8"

Weight:  5 Lbs.

Tank Outlet: 3/4" Male NPT Stainless Steel

Tank Pre-charge: 28 PSI

Max Working Pressure: 125 PSI

Max Working Temperature: 140 F

Drawdown Table:

Pressure Switch Setting - Drawdown

20/40                                 0.8 Gallons

30/50                                 0.7 Gallons

40/60                                 0.6 Gallons

Important: When used as the buffer tank in a constant pressure system tank precharge must be set according to system pressure setting for correct and efficient operation of the constant pressure pump. I have a table below with the tank air charge corresponding with system pressure for Grundfos SQE systems. You can also find this with your CU301 controllers manual. The tank charge can be checked and adjusted the same as a car tire with a tire gauge and air compressor.

You can only check and adjust the pressure in the tank with the pump off and pressure let out of the water lines. It will be easier to add air to the tank before installation if you are planning to set the system pressure above 40PSI.

             SQE System Tank Charge Table

             SQE System Tank Charge Table

             Tank Air Charge - System Set Pressure(CU301)
                                      28PSI - 40PSI
                                      35PSI - 50PSI
                                      42PSI - 60PSI
                                      49PSI - 70PSI
                                      56PSI - 80PSI
                                      63PSI - 90PSI
                                      70PSI - 100PSI