TwistIIClean Quick Connector Kit for Copper PEX CPVC


2-Pack SharkBite Brass Quick Connectors for use with Lakos Twist II Clean Sediment Spin-Down Water Filter

For Installation of Twist II Clean to Copper, PEX or CPVC Plumbing. Will not work with PVC (Twist II Clean filter comes with adapters for PVC).

These connectors also function as a union and are removable. Simply depress the orange ring with a crescent wrench and fitting can be removed from the pipe.

3/4" Model is for Model T2C-075 - 3/4" Female Pipe Thread to connect to 3/4" Copper, PEX or CPVC
1" Model is for Model T2C-100 - 1" Female Pipe Thread to connect to 1" Copper, PEX or CPVC

Filter Is NOT Included. Picture is used for Example only.

If you buy with a Twist II Clean Filter we will ship in the box with the filter.